Wonde and Tara Learning

As a Wonde partner, Tara Learning can advise you on Wonde Google Cloud Sync.  Wonde Google Sync saves you time by automatically creating, updating, and deleting Google accounts, Groups and Classrooms by linking to your school's MIS. This works seamlessly with VSWare and Facility.
Why use Google Sync for Schools?
  • Connects with the school MIS (VSWare or Facility)
  • Saves time by keeping users, Groups and Classrooms updated by information in VSWare or Facility
  • Fully automated without the need to manually update your Google Workspace
  • Any changes in your MIS will be reflected in Google Workspace
  • Google Sync ensures that your Users, Classrooms and Groups are always accurate.
  • Students and teachers are automatically assigned in classrooms at the start of the year (you select the years you wish to create the classrooms for eg. first year, TY, fifth year etc.).
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