Tara Learning Help Desk

Please call us on (01) 9120095 or send an email to Info@taralearning.ie  and we discuss your concerns regarding moving to the cloud?

Some of the questions you might have regarding moving to the cloud:
What system works best for our school?
How complicated is it to move to the cloud?
How to set up school domain?
How to user licenses work?
How does support system work?
How to add teachers and students?
What level of training is required?
What are the costs involved in moving to the cloud?
How safe is data in the cloud?
Does hybrid work?
How does file storage work?
Who has access to information?
Do we need to upgrade PC or laptops and what cost?
Who will monitor Security and Compliance?
How efficient is the support system?

How do I sign up for help desk?

If you would like to request access to the portal, please send us an email to info@taralearning.ie
We will get back to you and go through the range of services we have to offer.
If you have already signed up and wish to submit a ticket to the  help desk please use the following link: