Sarah Peinelt

Sarah Peinelt

Marketing Manager

Tara Learning  01 4408795

Background in Education

Sarah has a solid background in social media manage-ment. Over the past years she has been responsible for both content creation as well as community management for several social media accounts with up to 124k follow-ers. She has experience in publishing on social media and knows the specific tools for storytelling of these platforms.
Several internships and volunteer projects sparked her interest in education. Her Master’s studies in Media Litera-cy now provide her with the essential knowledge in Digital Learning and Teaching.

Professional Experience

Central German Broadcasting , Magdeburg, Germany

In her role as Social Media Manager:

Managing several social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with up to 124k followers

  • Producing content as infographics and videos for social media
  • Developing strategies for social media to attract user, drafted ideas for engaging content, used various tools for storytelling on social platforms
  • Community Management including the monitoring of incoming conversations, engaged with users through discussions on various topics as regional politics and happenings
  • Kept track on trending topics and viral trends on social media

In her role as news editor:

wrote high-quality news articles and newsletters covering political and cultural topics

Public Relations for NGO Sambhali Trust, Jodhpur, India

  • Creating content for social media, producing short movies to present the volunteers’ work on YouTube, managed the Instagram account to keep follower up-dated with the latest projects
  • Ran a successful international campaign to finance sewing machines for the graduates’ program
  • Design of flyers
  • Monitored the community, responded to enquiries by followers
  • assisted in workshops
  • Provided training in basic education

Public relations for cultural association “Kulturanker”, Magdeburg Germany

  • Updating of the association’s website including the calendar, upcoming events and galleries
  • Writing blog posts

Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, Social Media Manage-ment tools as Swat, Content Management systems as WordPress, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
Filming and Photography, including the conception, pro-duction and editing of visual and audio content
Strong communication skills to commit to the user, build up relationships and react professionally
Programming, HTML and visual programming languages as Scratch

Education & Qualifications
  • M.A. Media Literacy, 2021 at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany
  • B.A. Journalism & Media Management, 2017 at University of Applied Sciences, Magdeburg, Germany
Recent Projects in Education
  • Teaching Assistant at Secondary and High School, Konnevesi, Finland
  • Tutoring students in English and German class
  • implemented various collaborative tools while distant learning
  • Tutor at Smartphone course, Magdeburg Germany
  • Volunteered a neighborhood project
  • Provided assistance to elderly people in using their smartphones and computers