Richard Galvin

Digital Learning Consultant

Richard is an internationally-experienced Education Coach, Training Consultant and educator, who has worked and advised at all levels within education systems in Ireland, Europe, the Middle East and China. Richard is an expert in the area of leadership and digital technologies in education and, as a Director in the European School system, founded the Distance Learning Centre in Belgium and led the European Commission 6th Framework ‘iClass’ project. As the former Inspector for school leadership within the Irish Department of Education, he has worked extensively in Policy and Strategy areas such as School Leadership, Digital Technologies, Quality Framework development and Whole-school Evaluation. A qualified executive coach, Richard continues to be an associate school inspector and digital technologies advisor in the United Arab Emirates.

Appropriate use of technology can support many aspects of the school’s mission to deliver excellence in learning for all the schools learners. This can include areas as diverse as school administration systems to school student and staff welfare.

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