Primary Schools

primary-school-intranetPrimary schools need simple to manage, affordable, safe and secure IT solutions to ensure teachers are empowered with technology that can impact their lesson creation, management and delivery. 365 Learning currently deploy Microsoft Office 365 Education as the platform of choice for primary schools to achieve this.

We offer simple deployment packages to get you up and running with the ultimate platform for teaching, learning and collaboration and further services develop digital planning processes, develop collaborative practices across your staff in a fully managed and supported environment.

Subject Planning

We provide you with a special subject planning notebook to share all subject planning in one place.

  • Provided for all schools in the Plean Scoile site365-learning-college-home
  • Curriculum and Teacher Guidelines (pdf) embedded with all curriculum aims and objectives
  • Strands, strand units, content objectives, skills and concepts
  • Templates for whole-school subject plans
  • Facility to collaborate in real time on planning
  • School Intranet Solution

Out intranet solution includes:

  • post-primary-subject-area-intranetVirtual Staff Room for staff notices, calendars and online communication
  • Plean Scoile site to share and update all planning documents online
  • Further sites for In-School Management
  • Learning Support
  • School Self-Evaluation
  • Class Sites for class teachers to plan and collaborate

Professional Development

We also provide tailored primary school Continued Professional Development whole-staff or staff-group training during

school time or after school.  Our training always focuses on the practical application of technology to your specific needs.

For more detail please visit here.

Primary Planning Tool

36ppt_logo_rgb5 Learning is a reseller for The Primary Planning Tool, an NCCA curriculum-aligned resource which allows your school to create, integrate and manage Long-term Plans, Short-term Plans, Cuntais Míosúla and Thematic planning.

In addition, Department Inspectorate notes and reports are available at any time to view, download and print. Learn more about Primary Planning Tool.

To speak to our team about products and services for your primary school, complete the contact form here.