Padraig Browne

Operations Manager and Sharepoint Lead

As a founding director of Tara Learning Padraig Browne has more than a decade’s experience in customising SharePoint.  A previous Principal of Dunshaughlin Community College and with a significant computer programming experience he has developed Intranets for over a 150 schools in Ireland. He has wide experience in teaching SharePoint and is now heading up our Office 365 infrastructure. Padraig’s experience in designing an online platform to meet the needs of the organisation is second to none and provides our customers with a bespoke product that is adapted for the education market.

With over 30 years experiences both the education and IT sectors, with a primary BSc degree, post-graduate Computer Studies Dip and M Ed., a career teaching (Physics, Maths, Computer Applications) and school management (Deputy Principal and Principal), I have the depth of knowledge required to understand how technology can make a huge impact to the daily management of any school. With this wealth of experience working with networks and systems, experienced in MIS and database development, I understand how important the correct deployment and support of any IT infrastructure within a school is.

It is with this experience that I oversee the setting up systems to facilitate and manage smooth transition from local servers to cloud-based services for data and applications thus reducing cost and problems associated with maintaining ‘local’ servers. I work hand-and-glove with colleagues to develop a ‘Teaching and Learning’ based framework to incorporate IT in a way which will ensure that schools are more productive and can concentrate as much time as possible on the number one priority, providing an environment in which every student can realise their potential.

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