Education Consulting and Advisory Service

Tara Learning staff comprises  an ICT Engineer to work on the technical issues and experienced ICT educationalists to advice on Digital Learning and the use of technology for teachers, students and administrators.

ICT Consultancy and ICT Project Management

Tara Learning provide independent ICT advice for schools and education organisations in any part of Ireland our services include:
  • Special  Report on provision of any aspect of National Education Programme (report to include relevant internal and best practice if required)
  • A Comprehensive written Report of your current ICT Network setup and recommendations for future developments to meet your Digital Learning Plan objectives.
  • Evaluation of your current ICT support company or service
  • Preparation of tender documents for all ICT equipment purchases
  • ICT technical support Contracts
  • Evaluation of all ICT Tenders
  • Management of ICT setup for new build schools and school extensions to include, specifications for tender documents, help with tender evaluations, management of all appointed suppliers and contractors to ensure proper completion of all works and installations.
  • Help with the preparation of School digital learning strategy and learning plans at school or organisational level
  • Reports on any aspect of local educational provision (including reference to relevant international research and best practice if required)
  • Advice and consultancy on GDPR and Data Protection in schools and organisations (including outsourced Data Protection Officer)

School ICT Systems Reports and Roadmaps for Future Development

We will visit your school and examine your current ICT network and equipment and provide you with a comprehensive written report and recommendations for further development. If you are experiencing specific difficulties with your systems we can also focus on those for you and make recommendations to eliminate them.
As part of this report we will also provide you with a list of all the services that have admin passwords that you should have on file in the event of any emergency or difficulties with a service provider.
As many schools are paying far too much for ICT services (sometimes a poor service) our report will evaluate the charges against the industry norms for these services. (We are very familiar with the current competitive rates for quality ICT services from our procurement work across the country).
If you wish to leave your current ICT support company but are nervous about doing so we can help (and help you procure a new company without any cooperation from your existing supplier if necessary).
Any fees you pay to us will be fully recovered in the savings you can make in implementing our recommendations and that we can help you take ICT problems off your list of on going problems.

ICT Project Management for all new schools, extensions and renovations

We will walk you through from concept to development. Helping with tenders and all the decisions and issues that might arise from construction and completion.
Project Management
  • ICT Budget Advice.
  • Site Audits (new or existing building)
  • Advice on best practices to meet the Digital strategy requirements
  • Assistance and advice on TGD (Technical Guidance Documents) and requirements for schools and centres.
  • Meet with successful contractors for planning and roll-out schedules.
  • Management of contractors and the delivery of services.
  • Documentation management for school and FET leaders
Digital Planning
  • Work with school leaders to deliver solutions which meet and enhance the DOES strategies for Digital Learning and TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning)
Procurement Services
  • Advice on current frameworks and eTenders.
  • Preparation of tenders to meet school/centre requirements.
  • Analysis and advice on tender replies.
  • Contract negotiations with successful suppliers.