Independent IT Guidance


How does our IT Guidance Service works?

  • On request we will visit your school and assess your current IT setup (Networks and server infrastructure, PC and other IT equipment including printers and copiers) against current department frameworks and guidance.
  • Produce report that will prioritise the issues to be addressed with approximate costs.
  • Report will address your plans in the context of your budget and your plans for integrating technology into teaching practice.

During this past summer we have procured IT services to the value of over €200,000 for schools and achieved very substantial savings through competitive tendering while also ensuring quality equipment and services.

If you are interested in our assistance with any technology project, please fill our Enquiry Form and provide a phone number for a return call.

After this review, we can assist with the following:

  • Procurement guidance – we manage your procurement from end to end saving you time dealing with tender processes.
  • Write the necessary RFQs (Request for Quotes) and identify suitable suppliers.
  • Advice you throughout tender selection.
  • Oversee the completion of the work to the required standard.
  • Can also help you with one off procurement’s for IT hardware, IT Support Services, Wireless Networks Etc


All Schools today need IT resources that are reliable and fit for purpose in the digital age. Our Independent IT Guidance service can help every school make the right decisions about new technology purchases and ensure you get value for money. We are independent of all technology vendors and suppliers to ensure we can provide you with independent IT advice.