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We provide a wide range of services including Education Consultancy, Staff Training and IT Consultancy together with our partners

At Tara Learning, we believe in innovative learning enhanced with technology.
As a training company, we specialize in new digital technologies for teaching and learning and help teachers and individuals to successfully adopt these technologies and work practices to improve learner outcomes. As a Microsoft and Google Certified Training Partners, we have delivered technology training to over 5,000 professionals in the past 5 years.
We support companies and schools on their journey towards digital transformation. We can help with planning, course design, quality assurance of content and training as well as educational coaching, research, and project management.
Our 15 staff have direct experience in business and education in Ireland and abroad. Tara Learning was founded in 2015 and is based in Co. Meath, Ireland.


IT Infrastructure advice and an IT Roadmap for future Expenditure

If you are considering any ICT equipment upgrade or purchases we can help you. We do not sell any IT hardware so our IT engineer can provide you with independent advice and a written report on your existing ICT systems and a roadmap for essential expenditure in future years. Our service includes help with specifications, procurement, and we can also supervise suppliers to deliver their services if required.
Keep in mind that your Microsoft 365 service can be further developed to replace almost all your local server functions (a fact that your IT support company may not tell you) and therefore you should not be investing major sums of money in replacing servers anymore.
Using Microsoft 365 "Intune" service you can also manage all school desktops, Laptops, Tablets,(including iPads and Chromebooks) for all updates, approved software and security. Maximising the use of Cloud services in schools, reduces management responsibilities for IT, keeps users safe, saves money and is more reliable then local server dependent services.
For further information and a free online consultation about your IT plans call Larry Carolan at (087) 277 5777 or email lcarolan@taralearning.ie.

If there is anything else you think we could help you with please let us know.

Taking your use of Microsoft TEAMS to the next level

It is a testament to the hard work of all staff that most teachers were able to use Teams in their online teaching, and while this can be effective for the teachers, Microsoft Teams does not provide any information for school management on student progress. However, there is now a solution to that issue with the Schoolwise platform which has been adapted and aligned to work entirely within Microsoft Teams. The Schoolwise Teams App combines assessment, academic tracking, learner support, and curriculum planning all in one place inside Teams, and provides school leaders and other essential services access to critical information on student progress, directly from your Teams environment. Having assessed  the potential benefits of Schoolwise to meet the needs of schools and in order to take Microsoft Teams to the next level, we have partnered with Schoolwise to provide a full planning and training service for the Schoolwise platform.  For more information and a free consultation on Schoolwise and how it might benefit your school contact Richard Galvin rgalvin@taralearning.ie  (087 709 0889)

Training and Coaching for Digital Learning

Now that we have all experienced the reality of the online school in an emergency situation, the Department of Education has recently issued Circular 0074/20 which outlines what will be expected from schools in the event of further closures. In the light of the requirements in this Circular we are available to help with planning and training ( future planning days or Croke Park Hours included).  We can work with various groups of staff including: Leaders, Admin staff, SNAs and Teachers.   To discuss this further contact Rose Lawlor at rlawlor@taralearning.ie