Digital Skills Training

Educational Sectors Supported by Tara 365 Learning
  • Primary and Post Primary Teaching Staff
  • Further Education and Training Staff, (to include PLC’s and ETB Training Centres)
  • Higher Education Staff
  • Admin staff in all educational bodies
All training courses are tailored to the specific needs of staff

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What our customers are saying


Thanks so much for today’s amazing  session. Staff are raving about how much they learned and how much you gave to the sessions Liam. You must be wrecked. You certainly gave it your all. It’s so lovely to have your team on board with ours. It makes me feel like we can do this with you guys behind us. 

Many many thanks

Limerick Clare Education & Training Board

I have never seen such positive feedback from any in-service, it is really appreciated and hopefully will have a very significant impact on what we do.

The feedback has led to interest from other staff, is there any chance that we schedule further training for other staff members on team and then possibly look at forms as well.