Digital 1

  • Educational Sectors Supported by Tara 365 Learning

    • Primary and Post Primary Teaching Staff
    • Further Education and Training Staff, (to include PLC’s and ETB Training Centres)
    • Higher Education Staff
    • Admin staff in all educational bodies

    All training courses are tailored to the specific needs of staff

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  • School and FET Staff Training Areas

    • Basic Office 365 for Teachers (including Outlook, One Drive, Teams, Forms, Sway)
    • OneNote and OneNote Classnotebook.
    • Office 365 Teams for teachers and students.
    • Office 365 for Schools and FET leaders and administrators
    • Inclusivity and Accessibility tools in Office 365
    • SharePoint for Teachers
    • Moodle for FET Teachers
    • Office 365 and Technology Enhanced Learning.

    Specialist Training Areas

    • Leading learning and integrating digital learning.
    • Team Coaching at all levels in the Education Sector
    • Specialist Digital Skills Course (creation, delivery and evaluation).
    • Inclusivity and Accessibility tools in Office 365 for SET, ISOL, literacy.
    • eTender and procurement management
    • Record Management for Child Protection and GDPR
    • Freedom of Information and eDiscovery Training

  • Teaching in schools today requires teachers to use a variety of Digital Learning resources  both in the classroom and for assessment and feedback to learners.  While the school or college may have a wide range of these digital tools available many teachers lack the confidence and specific skills to integrate these tools in their daily work. Our training is designed with the teachers immediate needs in mind to support New Junior Cycle Key Skills and the additional requirements for CBAs and SLAR meeting etc.   We provide specific training for teachers with different roles in schools such as SET, Subject Department leaders, Management teams, school leaders and admin staff.

    Over the past five years Tara 365 Learning has developed  unique coaching and training models to help upskill  staff in small groups over a whole school day.  Our tried and tested methods mean that each teacher acquires new competencies and  building on their existing skills.

    Our trainers are all experienced teachers.