Professional Development

Continued Professional Development (CPD) services are vital to ensure  that all users can realise the potential of the technologies available to them. Different school stakeholders have different requirements and we recognise that with different programs available for school leaders, teachers, administration staff and trainers.

Delivered by experienced school leaders and educators, all training material is school and classroom scenario based. We understand that there aapplockup_rgb_onenote_88re different needs for different users and we will work with you to ensure we focus on the areas of development that you and your staff want to focus on.

We offer a range of CPD programs and workshops and are always available to develop a tailored approach for you and your staff.


  • Digital School Planning with Office 365
  • Planning, Collaboration and creating Teaching and Learning Resources with Microsoft OneNote
  • Your Digital Classroom with OneNote Class Notebook
  • Digitising your School Administration – School Leaders and Secretaries.
  • Flipping the Classroom
  • The Power of the Pen – Microsoft Surface for teachers.

blankWe also deliver “Train the Trainer” Workshops which are ideal for networks of schools and ETBs. Please
contact us ensure technology training can scale in your network of schools.

For those seeking deeper pedagogy transformation across their school, we also work closely with our partners in H2 Learning and would be delighted to build a deep pedagogy and technology transformation in your school.

We regularly have one to many open CPD workshops around the country. To hear about the next one in your areas, sign up to our newsletter here (Link to newsletter Web Form)

To speak to a member of the team about developing a CPD program or workshop for you and your staff, please get in touch here.