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Running your Schools IT without a local  Server
At Tara Learning, we believe that schools can run their entire IT infrastructure without a local school server. If you would like to hear more about this solution for your school, please join us at our webinar on June 14th at 3 PM.
At the webinar you will hear how other schools have successfully moved to the cloud and how this has greatly reduced their IT costs, security risks and provided greater flexibility and convenience for digital learning. We will refer to Microsoft and Google Cloud solutions.
Want to know more? Register for our webinar and learn how you can move away from the local school server.
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Migrating to The Cloud – basics and benefits:
Cloud computing has been with us for a while now and the Education sector have been slowly migrating towards cloud storage. The pandemic has hastened some of these migrations leaving a lot of duplication with data on servers and in the cloud. With no proper planning an orderly migration of data was not possible.
Tara Learning can help and direct this transition from start to finish.
Step by Step moving to the cloud with Tara Learning
Audit of your school premises, technology and equipment available in premises and infrastructure integrated in the premises.
Create a plan fully outlining every step of the process the upgrade of the relevant school data to the cloud. Year or Five year depending on resources available.
We can assist in the tender process – helping to prepare tenders
Ensuring the correct regulation equipment is ordered and working with vendors to ensure all work is installed correctly and completed to standard and on time.
What is cloud migration?
Cloud migration is the process of moving digital data into the cloud. It involves moving from on-premises date centres or legacy infrastructure to the cloud.
Why move to the Cloud?
No more expensive server equipment, no maintenance and costly electricity bills. You also cut down on operational costs no tech time on backups and hardware maintenance. Cloud vendors offer pay-as-you-go pricing, which results in paying only for the services you require.
Cloud providers upgrade regularly following the latest educational standards, requirements and consumer demand. The risk of cyber-attacks are reduced.
Most uploads go smoothly. Issues that may occur the can be resolved promptly. Cloud migration reduces downtime resulting in a lower risk of data loss in the future.
Services level agreements are available from most cloud vendors.
The cloud has limitless opportunities for educators, flexibility, exciting and innovative updates being developed in an ongoing basis.
Students can access classes and information from anywhere in the world at any time. This makes it achievable for students and teachers to collaborate regardless of their circumstances.
Benefits of Cloud Computing:
  • Delivered through the cloud with no need for on-prem hardware
  • Highly automated and work-flow based
  • End-user training if required to ensure smooth transition

Digital Strategy for Schools in 2027

Our team at Tara Learning have created a synopsis of the Irish Education  Department recently released  'Digital Strategy for Schools in 2027' The Strategy has been broken in three Pillars: Pillar 1 - Supporting the embedding of digital technologies in Teaching, learning and Assessment, Pillar 2 - Digital Technology Infrastructure and Pillar 3 - Looking to the future: policy, research and digital leadership.
Pillar 1 - Supporting the embedding of digital technologies in Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Pillar 2 - Digital Technology Infrastructure Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Pillar 3 - Looking to the future: policy, research and digital leadership Teaching, Learning and Assessment