Educational Consultancy and Advisory Services

Tara Learning provides consultancy, advisory and research services to our clients in a wide range of educational areas such as:

  • Policy development and operationalisation
  • System and organisation needs analysis in areas such as Organisational and Functional Design
  • Learner and stakeholder voice capture
  • Project design, management and evaluation.
  • Academic Supervision within projects and programmes
  • Digital innovation, digital leadership and project implementation
  • The introduction of new digital technologies and platforms which support teaching, learning, assessment and administration within educational settings, underpinned by robust and user-friendly data analysis tools
  • Evaluation of provision and support for teaching, learning and assessment across all education sectors, both within national and international contexts
  • Research and Reporting on the structure and functioning of Learning Organisations
  • Sustainability, agility and resilience within Learning Organisations in the context of changing national and international educational environments

Since 2015, Tara Learning has built up an impressive track record of working with clients in a consulting and advisory role at school, regional, national and international levels. Our education consultants have worked in a range of national and international educational contexts, and all are former teachers, school and college leaders, system administrators, school inspectors and policy makers who have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of all sectors within the Irish Educational system.